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"Thame Laboratories is a speciality pharmaceutical business that formulates niche molecules to improve and advance patient welfare"

Who we are

Thame Laboratories is one of the leading UK Pharmaceutical Companies specialising in the development, licensing, manufacture and marketing of liquid medicines. Thame Laboratories is also a leading manufacturer and supplier of unlicensed medicines (also called specials) to community pharmacies, hospitals and wholesalers.

Established during 2004 in Ruislip, West London; Thame laboratories with the experience from the development and manufacture of unlicensed medicines started in 2014 to develop and obtain marketing authorisations for its own unlicensed liquid medicines. In August 2018, Thame Laboratories held over 80 marketing authorisations for liquid medicines within the UK and other EU countries.

As a leading supplier of unlicensed medicines which are manufactured to meet the needs of patients which cannot be met with licensed medicines, Thame manufactures and supplies around 5000 formulations of unlicensed medicines.Our products are available for:

  • Community Pharmacy
  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutical Wholesalers


Thame Laboratories success stems from its vibrant and productive research and development department which develops formulations for both licensed and unlicensed medicines which Thame Laboratories manufactures and supplies. All of Thame’s formulations for which it holds marketing authorisations have been developed by Thame’s own scientists.

Thame manufactures both licensed and unlicensed medicines in its own facilities that meet the quality requirements of EU Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and are regularly inspected by regulatory authorities. Our facility is capable of manufacturing oral liquids and topical preparations in small batch sizes to meet clinical needs.

Our in-house laboratories test the medicines manufactured to ensure they meet the strict requirements set by regulatory authorities when granting our marketing authorisations using state of the art analytical techniques and equipment.

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