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Thame Laboratories develops, licences and markets liquid medicines for oral and topical use. These liquid medicines can be formulated as solutions, syrups and suspensions. In August 2018 Thame Laboratories held over 80 marketing authorisations for medicines in the UK and EU. Thame is constantly developing and licensing new formulations of liquid medicines which meet the unmet medical needs of patents such as developing a medicine that has not been previously available in a oral liquid formulation so as to make administration easy for paediatric patients and those who have swallowing difficulties.

Thame's range of medicines cover a wide range of therapeutic areas and are used in the treatment of a wide range of common medical conditions.

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Some patients have special clinical needs which cannot be met with licensed medicines that are marketed. In such cases a prescriber can request that an unlicensed medicine is specially formulated and manufactured to meet the patient’s special clinical needs.

Thame Laboratories manufactures and supplies various pharmaceutical forms of unlicensed medicines at its own dedicated manufacturing facility.

Pharmacists receiving prescriptions for unlicensed medicines should contact Thame Laboratories. Our technical team will be able to assist.


Thame laboratories scientists and pharmacists constantly strive to solve problems and come up with unique and innovative solutions in the way medicines are formulated, manufactured and made available to patients so as to improve compliance and the patient’s condition.

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